Jul 1, 2010

Los Angeles Dinner Treasure Hunt

"Most" dishes can be found in local restaurants around east Los Angeles area. Including the world cup edition set.

Set A:

  1. Thai style prawn sashimi w/ lemon garlic sauce

  2. Green papaya or Shrimp head tempura on tofu vegetable salad w/ french dressing

  3. Bak kut teh (Malasian style Chinese Ribs soup)

  4. Soup ribs w/ Black curry sauce on Yellow ginger rice

  5. Purple sticky rice and sea coconut sweet soup

Set B:

  1. Yeung chow fry slices with sea jelly

  2. Crab egg steam rice on green crab

  3. Spicy soju assorted shell fish pot

  4. Mini cabbage and chicken ramen soup

  5. Ginger milk pudding

Set C:

  1. Green onion roots deep fried in sliced onion w/ dry onion barbaque sauce

  2. Crawfish in spicy garlic butter

  3. Bosch soup

  4. Lemon grass broiled sole fillet w/ diced bell pepper sour cream filling
    Swedish spinach cheddar potato balls sandwiched in flame grilled hamburger

  5. Hashes double chocolate fudge cake

World cup edition set:

  1. Chorizo and mushroom omelette

  2. Smoke herring and pork sausage with onions
    Smoke duck breast salad with oriental dressing

  3. Spinach soup with beacon bits

  4. Bake pork chop pasta
    Spanish seafood rice on wok
    Turkey hoc(leg) with cabbages

  5. Tangerine cheese cake

Taxi 2

Photos and more dishes if I do have time in future. They do sound good enough for me.

Apr 20, 2010

Testing Testing 123

Time : Before back 9.
Place : Chilling area with drinks.
Characters : Me - The author's character in this story, Friend 1 - A friend of mine, Friend 2 - Another friend of mine, Wizard - A friend of mine with magic ability.

"You guys want anything? beer?" I asked.
"I want every fucking thing in the world." said Friend 1.
"Easy as cake." Wizard answered.

Ding! Wizard magic effect on Friend 1.
Everyone stare at Friend 1, eyes wide shut.
Friend 2 turn to Wizard.

"Can I have every NON-fucking thing in the world?" Friend 2 asked.
"No problem." Wizard said.

Ding! Wizard magic effect on Friend 2.
Everyone stare at Friend 2, mouth open, speechless, then Wizard turn to me.

"First, I beg you please send them to places where they change. Second, some beer, a spotted screen EV with fat canal and a couch." I said.
"OK...... I'd better be on time for my date, see ya." Wizard said.

Ding! Wizard magic effect on Friend 1, Friend 2.
Ding! Wizard magic effect on Me, wizard left.

Change scene to "Pornography, D.U.I. and Bingo" I mean flat screen TV with sports channel!!!

Nov 24, 2009


These are my blogs, please visit as you liked.

FatCow Plaza
Fat Oil Energy
FatCow Nevertrue
FatCow Overtrue

Sorry, I can't afford blogging much. All comments, will kept along with the post in respect for myself to enjoy, thank you.

Nov 18, 2009


Wait⋅re⋅pre⋅neur noun

  1. Serves Artistically Applied Science Satisfying Human Needs
    Prime Rib Head Cut Served with Red Wine Ox Tail Sauce

  2. A Perpetual Motion System of (Human Being + Science + Arts + Application + Service)
    Waiter + entrepreneur

~⋅ship noun

Sep 1, 2009

Title: None that I can think of

Father + Mother = Baby

Half Father brain + Half Mother brain = Baby brain

[LOAD] Module\Parent.s

[ECHO] "Parents are half brainless is now loaded"

[RUN_] script\Let your enemy raise your kid.s

[ECHO] "Accepted Brainless woman's enemy...Accessing..."

[LOAD] memory range Key matrix "1,2,3" "2,3,1" "3,1,2"

[MAKE] Life\MIL.k

[ECHO] "Accepted Brainless man's enemy...Accessing..."

[RUN_] script\In pignic god we trust.s

[MAKE] Life\FIL.f

[SET_] *.f log generation

[ECHO] "Real Life Baller Time"

......what of the high am I hacking on......poem......wtf......

"Safely they sit in my word hunter's store, and when I feel hungry I word hunt for more."

Aug 15, 2009

About others

This is how I treat others. I treat others like treating myself, maybe in different ages, being in another roll of character, how I would like to be treated. Handling what I am able to, doing what I am capable of, with what I have on hand. I wouldn't assume other's attitude to be like mine, therefore I would try to keep distance, then coordinate with other's attitude returned as a favor when my attitude is not accepted and interactions is a must.

In short term "Fair, cooperate, eye for an eye, then same applies." And yup, I have no clues what others really have in mind, only what I think matters in my own mind.

The only thing presumed guilt would push is proof innocent, which is nothing, for innocent is without guilt already.

Jul 10, 2009

Golf and I

A retired General Electric electrical engineer, my grand relatives, equipped the fundamental physical aspect of golf on me, like gripping, stance, swings, and let myself develop my own improvements over my physical and mind. Ignited my ball swinging at a driving range in the US when I was a kid.

My tee, fairway, iron, approach and putts, are addictive, could lie.

In driving range, my swings are deposit into golf account, which can be withdrawn, from ball swinging stables.

My own golfing experiences, whenever I play now, I am recharged, energized and good to go.

Jul 2, 2009

What am I?

I am a work type of person with a kind of greediness that benefits others.

What I mean work are sales that supplies customer's demand, satisfy their need, addressing what they want, etc etc, you know, sales stuff.

About the greediness, simply "I don't mind causing million dollars of earning, not losses, for the company I worked at, because of the ten thousand dollars I make for my own." Not to mention the sales tax generated on the side.

By the way, it was services with physical products I sold, therefore sales tax had applied. Not only my base salary were taxed, commissions, tips and bonus are higher rate taxable items and have also been taxed.

This is the kind of greediness that selfishly drives myself to work hard, for my own money of course.

Selfish to the extend that forgets jealous when compare, my weird kind of equality. "Look nice! I'd get mine on my own."

Competition? That's for show and for fun, for myself to enjoy.

Jun 18, 2009

Some little food for thought crumbs

"I just don't want running around like marathon and die when only a single phone per village available if not telegraphs, puff smoke or shoot flare shells."

"The toilet is always build outside the house. What do you mean master bedroom, you pervert!"

"The sun evolves around the earth."

"Bye Bye Deans......Copperfield, right? It's summer time, that alchemist witch is all yours. Thanks for the gown. She's hot :)"

"You don't like your phone? It's for your emergency grand pa. The ringtone? I can make it softer, how about......recording, yeah like MP3 you know MP3...... No No No, not his laughter, don't......lil brother is annoying......music only just music! What do you mean 128kbps 44100khz lame codec...... What are cell phones? How come your TV is so flat......"

"Picking over invoice detail, no problem, just pay the total amount."

"It's not really my concern, what the hack is proof of delivery and fee on board? Birth certificates?"

"I bring my jot note into the kitchen and get food, charging for money aftermath with that note. What grade you get?"

"Quit complaining you bastard! I can see that she is barely legal. And you have to be over 21 to get alcohol beverages, Miss."
"My bad, I am horrible guessing ages."

Jun 16, 2009

Bit Torrent

Bit torrent is a multiple point to multiple point asymmetric file transfer technology. It's a tool and of course it can be used in different applications, including piracy.

Someone who see this piracy model as an opportunity, built something based on it, make profit and evolved into a business.

So stop assing me about the movie I got from the movie rental machine in my local super market. I do know they update their hundreds and thousands, if not millions, machine's media database with Bit Torrent; for the movie I got, recorded with a consumable blank recordable DVD, right there, right then, inside that movie rental machine. Which also have the potential, to be the supply source for local rental shops, with that shop's own cheap jewel case they purchased with their own high quality cover printed from the source supply machine which must be operated by human being to slide it in that jewel case. With a licensing or business franchise system, for dubbing their own shop rental tape, shielded by piracy.

All connection and communication services are provided by the telecommunication industry. Till the second last human being on earth do us stop.

Jun 1, 2009

I support marriage I understand, therefore I am

I support my marriage; I understand.

Because I sure will remember my honey moon and actions within.
They are my pornography, sitting in its category.
Since I am neither a show businesses nor policy profession.
In my simple mind, the closest description is plagiarized from the adult entertainment's categorization "Softcore/Hardcore/Gay/Lesbian......etc."
Adding that it took two ayes for threesome and three ayes for foursome.
By coordinating that prop with balanced payload.
A couple, both bi-sexual.

...unload the melting pot module? [ (Yes) (No) ]...

May 22, 2009

My upcoming proposal

I am getting bored without anything I can afford to do, and because of an opaque reason, I have this proposal forming in mind.

The budget needed for this proposal range from $300 000 to $3 000 000 for 5 years of running time based on subjective measuring calculation. Just send me checks, I will start setting things up when the amount reached the minimum required amount. Checks will start bounce back to sender once it goes over the maximum amount, and checks that got in will receive a share of the company set up for this proposal.

Return on Investment is "Let's see what will I try to do to burn all the money up when I can only work in this company for $3000 a month."

I am pretty much sure that it won't be tossing penny into the sea for fun. Because I know I will try anything I can to get as much extra tossing as possible with the same amount of penny in order to avoid being jailed in the office for the rest of the 5 year without penny for toss. I am bored!!! I....am...starting...to..enjoy......to..

May 21, 2009

The notorious MSG

Does anyone know I can speak close to perfect Cantonese?

My old job as a retail counter sales rep gave me the machine kind of "ENGLISHES"(at lease let me say it wrong here, this is my blog.) with the kind of politeness like "Thank you for calling, how may I assist you today?" and my habitual conversation ending "You have a wonderful evening."

The only thing that can help me with my Chinese/English speaking problem is conversations for CSL/ESL beginners. But I lacked the courage to intentionally speak like that, to be precise, its quite hard to speak "that fobbish" and sound acceptable for those who unfortunately live in a mostly Chinese/English speaking environment, where those who live on the street, all speak Chinese/English.

This song gave me a good laugh

Apr 27, 2009


I have this scenes in mind, probably root from dreaming when I was a child, that gives me an weird kind of a feeling. Let's see.

Right in the middle of a street that I have never been to, on the side walk, I was window shopping with bunch of strangers. All of a sudden, a thought of crazy want of something pop up alongside my own thinking of things. I was then driven by a force behind my back, pushing me all the way towards a similar but set to be serving a totally different objective set. I raided that place raging like a bull.

What I had in mind was the frame for goal keepers, my position when I play soccer, for those who were playing soccer on the field right next to me.

I remembered that corner flag where the ball were kicked towards me, and that mark on the ground where the ball was placed twelve yards in front for a striker's hard ball striking when I must step forward to tackle down with my body at all cost. With teammates line up in front from the nearest lower number guards to the furthest mid to high number mid field and strikers that my goal kick must reach with back spin on the ball for the ease of their control.

Also the view of all my teammates turning their back running away from me when my team attacks, and once they turned back facing me that I must command them by letting them know where the opponents are striking behind them that needs to be covered.

Within my designated area, I am the sun visor almighty permitted to use my gloved hands and arms to tackle down my opponents skillful attack into the framework that I am defending. My fearless courage to catch or repel any cannons fired towards into hitting the framework without hesitation regardless if it is the opponents' strongest shoot with their strongest body muscle.

A line from comic "Goal keeping is our last line of defense, as long as keeper doesn't lose kept, our team will never lose." by someone numbered 1 on his back during a game with 2 halves that each half last 9 intervals of 5 minutes.

It'd be nice to see Cal Poly Pomona compete against Ivy in NCAA. Engineers apply knowledge by sport competition with tools, like pencil or hexagonal stick with a net bearing balls.

Instrumentum Disciplinae and Vox Veritas Vita.

Apr 25, 2009

Re dis cover my own self

With almost 30 years of living experience on this planet, the definition of myself kept losing bits by bits, for yieldings of my own or others. This blog have become one of my dependencies, that helped this voyage of my mind about myself.

Simply write down whatever I would like to be written, just about anything without regards, is the purpose of this blog. This collection of output from my brain through my finger over the keyboard onto the Internet into a hard drive at a server is my living log book.

By proof reading this book myself, I get to study about this so called "me".

Do I like my own words?
Am I comfortable with it?
How do I feel about it?
Where in my words differs from my actions?
Can I handle my own lies?

The best thing is that all those questions can all be answered by the proof reader I know best, me, and rediscover myself.

Just like the recreation I love playing everyday, which never is a test, it is my ball gaming playground with swing savings account.

Yes! found it. My own damn self.

My over thoughts

This is what I had in mind back in 2007, my childish thoughts.

As an entry level sales in payroll with probation that made me an assistant, there are some accidents that causes myself to be unable to workout with my team. I left the company voluntarily in a friendly way, re-affirmed myself for a week and decide to try else where with better preparations.

Something happened in a totally unexpected way that surprised myself. I decided to took the stance of being the cry baby irrationally. All it took to make it a win win situation was a recognition of myself being the newbie, and became an experienced businessman whose generous in offering a merciful business chance. Simply this would work "You know, he is new to the industry. Let him baby cry then he will learn." with the power of title.

As I have apologized before claiming that I had not been an employee for quite a while, I would like to took that as a lesson, re-adjust my vision in working, and be the best fit in later chance.

I once thought it was the problem of synergy, now I'd blame the lack of a specific work module in business communications, for an accidental mismatch of dance.

WAR - Trailer - Watch more free videos

Apr 13, 2009


I Have A Philosophical Concept Of Mechanism.
The acronym of this word is IHAPCOM, it works, perfectly.
Similarly to turbo, charge or jet or fan or etc., for me.
With blow-off value, waste gate and inter cooler.
Compliance: WIK(Whatever I know), WITTIM(Whatever I think therefore I am), Tit for tat and workable with "the.....I don't know how to say......you know......never mind", etc.

Apr 11, 2009


Bleed too much/less/soon/late that fluctuate plasma recovery, therefore this juke box toast.


Receiving non-medical attention then black/blue blood transfusion from Ink-barrel Care Unit.


Put down the pants, relax, Android......oops enjoy.


My loosen handkerchief, is "allways" on ready.

Mar 11, 2009

Vice versa

I enjoy pornography, not morality, and have watched enough in quality and in quantity to not become a phobia or lunatic about sex in display. For woman are the majority working in the porn industry, there are surprises that most viewers overlooked (Author: So am I), which could be an inter-personal relationship's saver, depending on how these surprises are read.

Here comes this male character, he is working on a paper while the female character servicing him, on him. She obtained her satisfaction from him and lay her head in his arm praising for his hardness and try to "finish" him up. Still working on that paper he said "It's good huh? Take a nap, let me finish the paper first." like a robot and have no feelings.

Flip the killer switch, from male to female, it's a holocaust already (Author: Reporting live from hell, I am right here in the front entrance of Satin's fallen angel after-holocaust party. It's so crowed and the temperature here is unbelievably hot. I wonder what's left up in heaven cause from here wow, its a gathering of celebrities, from old timers, half-lifer the usual gangs and bunches of new superstars......)

"Click" before putting down my clicker top pen. Don't let that last bullet occupy the chamber, Quills.

Feb 26, 2009

My lack of computer knowledge

Due to the fact that my lack of computer knowledge, or knowledge in real world. I am way behind computer guru, please forgive me.

In my shallow mind, this is what computer to me:

I have a copper wire on hand, bending it into a circle and have one end touching the cathode and the other end to the anode of a 12v battery. Then I open the circuit by cutting the wire, have an end of the wire conducting the light bulb's screw and the other end conducting the bottom.

Here I have a closed circuit in serial connection with a battery and a light bulb give out light and heat. Let input be the power, and process by light bulb, then heat and light are output. In computer terms "A serial bus system powered by a potable power source in full throttling of a light bulb processor with tungsten technology, producing 1-bit of light/full spectrum wireless visual signal without interrupt as output(infra red is within the full spectrum that give out heat from the bulb, which is vacuum)".

Outdated knowledge, that's all I know, and I am cheap without putting in the switch. Toasters have wires in parallel, but too complicate for me and rather have shortenings on the bread. Sorry I pretend that I am a guru to be closer with the modern world of technology, like the hybrid silicon laser I see on the news.

For what? I don't know what's like shrinking from a room full of mirror into etching a silicon fiber optic circuitry recharge pad causing photons arrive at different time, and/or different place that could refill the hat? Seriously I don't know nothing about these things.

But let's see "hybrid" that's hot right now everywhere, "silicon" the mirror for snort, "laser" rave party time. I use laser to cut in the club, see this is my kind of cool marketing.

Feb 24, 2009

Please leave a message after the beep

"Please be quiet, Arcadia"
"WD-40, SAPeacock"
"B2-Spirit, USAF"

"Medic, Rosemead"
"Taxiway, Chek Lap Kok Airport"
"Sales of Mechanical Engineering, Army"

"Football/Soccer frame, Alhambra"
"Certified public accountable club, Almanda Terrace"
"Frame work, DOS"

"Drugs, Walnut"
"Shorty in badminton club, Pinky"
"GSA, Federal"

"The Clear Present Danger, Los Angeles"
"Dog Clicker and Whistle, Cayote"
"Griffith Park, NASA"

"I want money income on payroll after tax in my account every month by working at clerical and inter personal business commute duties that I am able to Talking Caring Pleasing / I Praise."

Feb 21, 2009

2 decades ago

It was twenty something years ago when the first gulf war started and ended in a storm. Kuwait was intruded by Iraqi force and was ambushed by western forces. Since then I have only read news about all sorts of international accusations and punishments towards Iraq. After a decade, the second gulf war started. This time it is the US force enters Iraq. Here I have the following story from my imagination:

There was a painter who sell painting for a decent living. The painter's neighbor, make own living, break in to the painter's home. This relatively larger in size neighbor is forced return home under custody, empty handed without any painting. Through out the searches and interrogations, no reason is found for this neighbor's strange action of burning own paintings while suppose to have starved to the bone. The painter, is at home peacefully with neighbor having BBQ in backyard and some new air soft gear. Paint ball gear will be on sale for the neighbor's new paint ball painting.

IMHO(In My Humble Opinion) I thought the neighbor initially expect their unfair actions be penalized by unfair trade like neighbor's own painting for painters BBQ lamb chops, because warriors value their Arabian horse more then the lamb broiling on their sword.

Raman for tuna? More then that. A whole gulf they can farm seafood with.

Feb 18, 2009

Steroid Olympic

Imagine a competition that no one call foul and in a true sense of fairness. Well I think we already have it, let's just call it Steroid Olympic, I seems to have forgotten the name of it.

In this game, fair is achieved by letting everyone cheat as they can.
A device to train any specific muscle for strength? Great!
A program to provide the perfect mix of nutrition the body needs? Super!
A drug to improve the performance? Take it all you can!

Hey its not like the game will change in any way. A champion can still be distinguish and everyone must agree, its all in a sense of fairness because no one can beat him down even with cheats. Another good thing is, the champion title stays like prom king and queen of that year class, is on forever royalties.

Errrrr........OK, in reality the king will merry his wife and the queen will merry her husband, separately, with different people. (Should there be more adjective like beauty or?......its fine.)

I know who can approve this joke, Republicans.

Feb 17, 2009

What's in my mind

I was in some kind of trouble that I've never been into. I've asked for my ex-employers for help, however they are unable to help because they are business. It's totally insane to connect them with those trouble simply because they have no point in doing them.

I resigned because I was unable to work out with my team, therefore I would like to try it out in another places. It had tried to save me by offering another position for me, it's my own decision to leave and let go of the offered position.

Simply because of my trouble, I had taken a position against my previous employers since they are not involved. I am not trying to be a hero of any kind, it just that I should not let my trouble be spread to those innocent around myself. I have no idea of what really happened, and have no concern about the real truth. I was crying for help because when I am being terrified, I become crazy and might kill to eliminate the cause of terror and the terror regardless for it is alienated from my fair driving system.