Apr 27, 2009


I have this scenes in mind, probably root from dreaming when I was a child, that gives me an weird kind of a feeling. Let's see.

Right in the middle of a street that I have never been to, on the side walk, I was window shopping with bunch of strangers. All of a sudden, a thought of crazy want of something pop up alongside my own thinking of things. I was then driven by a force behind my back, pushing me all the way towards a similar but set to be serving a totally different objective set. I raided that place raging like a bull.

What I had in mind was the frame for goal keepers, my position when I play soccer, for those who were playing soccer on the field right next to me.

I remembered that corner flag where the ball were kicked towards me, and that mark on the ground where the ball was placed twelve yards in front for a striker's hard ball striking when I must step forward to tackle down with my body at all cost. With teammates line up in front from the nearest lower number guards to the furthest mid to high number mid field and strikers that my goal kick must reach with back spin on the ball for the ease of their control.

Also the view of all my teammates turning their back running away from me when my team attacks, and once they turned back facing me that I must command them by letting them know where the opponents are striking behind them that needs to be covered.

Within my designated area, I am the sun visor almighty permitted to use my gloved hands and arms to tackle down my opponents skillful attack into the framework that I am defending. My fearless courage to catch or repel any cannons fired towards into hitting the framework without hesitation regardless if it is the opponents' strongest shoot with their strongest body muscle.

A line from comic "Goal keeping is our last line of defense, as long as keeper doesn't lose kept, our team will never lose." by someone numbered 1 on his back during a game with 2 halves that each half last 9 intervals of 5 minutes.

It'd be nice to see Cal Poly Pomona compete against Ivy in NCAA. Engineers apply knowledge by sport competition with tools, like pencil or hexagonal stick with a net bearing balls.

Instrumentum Disciplinae and Vox Veritas Vita.

Apr 25, 2009

Re dis cover my own self

With almost 30 years of living experience on this planet, the definition of myself kept losing bits by bits, for yieldings of my own or others. This blog have become one of my dependencies, that helped this voyage of my mind about myself.

Simply write down whatever I would like to be written, just about anything without regards, is the purpose of this blog. This collection of output from my brain through my finger over the keyboard onto the Internet into a hard drive at a server is my living log book.

By proof reading this book myself, I get to study about this so called "me".

Do I like my own words?
Am I comfortable with it?
How do I feel about it?
Where in my words differs from my actions?
Can I handle my own lies?

The best thing is that all those questions can all be answered by the proof reader I know best, me, and rediscover myself.

Just like the recreation I love playing everyday, which never is a test, it is my ball gaming playground with swing savings account.

Yes! found it. My own damn self.

My over thoughts

This is what I had in mind back in 2007, my childish thoughts.

As an entry level sales in payroll with probation that made me an assistant, there are some accidents that causes myself to be unable to workout with my team. I left the company voluntarily in a friendly way, re-affirmed myself for a week and decide to try else where with better preparations.

Something happened in a totally unexpected way that surprised myself. I decided to took the stance of being the cry baby irrationally. All it took to make it a win win situation was a recognition of myself being the newbie, and became an experienced businessman whose generous in offering a merciful business chance. Simply this would work "You know, he is new to the industry. Let him baby cry then he will learn." with the power of title.

As I have apologized before claiming that I had not been an employee for quite a while, I would like to took that as a lesson, re-adjust my vision in working, and be the best fit in later chance.

I once thought it was the problem of synergy, now I'd blame the lack of a specific work module in business communications, for an accidental mismatch of dance.

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Apr 13, 2009


I Have A Philosophical Concept Of Mechanism.
The acronym of this word is IHAPCOM, it works, perfectly.
Similarly to turbo, charge or jet or fan or etc., for me.
With blow-off value, waste gate and inter cooler.
Compliance: WIK(Whatever I know), WITTIM(Whatever I think therefore I am), Tit for tat and workable with "the.....I don't know how to say......you know......never mind", etc.

Apr 11, 2009


Bleed too much/less/soon/late that fluctuate plasma recovery, therefore this juke box toast.


Receiving non-medical attention then black/blue blood transfusion from Ink-barrel Care Unit.


Put down the pants, relax, Android......oops enjoy.


My loosen handkerchief, is "allways" on ready.