Jul 1, 2010

Los Angeles Dinner Treasure Hunt

"Most" dishes can be found in local restaurants around east Los Angeles area. Including the world cup edition set.

Set A:

  1. Thai style prawn sashimi w/ lemon garlic sauce

  2. Green papaya or Shrimp head tempura on tofu vegetable salad w/ french dressing

  3. Bak kut teh (Malasian style Chinese Ribs soup)

  4. Soup ribs w/ Black curry sauce on Yellow ginger rice

  5. Purple sticky rice and sea coconut sweet soup

Set B:

  1. Yeung chow fry slices with sea jelly

  2. Crab egg steam rice on green crab

  3. Spicy soju assorted shell fish pot

  4. Mini cabbage and chicken ramen soup

  5. Ginger milk pudding

Set C:

  1. Green onion roots deep fried in sliced onion w/ dry onion barbaque sauce

  2. Crawfish in spicy garlic butter

  3. Bosch soup

  4. Lemon grass broiled sole fillet w/ diced bell pepper sour cream filling
    Swedish spinach cheddar potato balls sandwiched in flame grilled hamburger

  5. Hashes double chocolate fudge cake

World cup edition set:

  1. Chorizo and mushroom omelette

  2. Smoke herring and pork sausage with onions
    Smoke duck breast salad with oriental dressing

  3. Spinach soup with beacon bits

  4. Bake pork chop pasta
    Spanish seafood rice on wok
    Turkey hoc(leg) with cabbages

  5. Tangerine cheese cake

Taxi 2

Photos and more dishes if I do have time in future. They do sound good enough for me.

Apr 20, 2010

Testing Testing 123

Time : Before back 9.
Place : Chilling area with drinks.
Characters : Me - The author's character in this story, Friend 1 - A friend of mine, Friend 2 - Another friend of mine, Wizard - A friend of mine with magic ability.

"You guys want anything? beer?" I asked.
"I want every fucking thing in the world." said Friend 1.
"Easy as cake." Wizard answered.

Ding! Wizard magic effect on Friend 1.
Everyone stare at Friend 1, eyes wide shut.
Friend 2 turn to Wizard.

"Can I have every NON-fucking thing in the world?" Friend 2 asked.
"No problem." Wizard said.

Ding! Wizard magic effect on Friend 2.
Everyone stare at Friend 2, mouth open, speechless, then Wizard turn to me.

"First, I beg you please send them to places where they change. Second, some beer, a spotted screen EV with fat canal and a couch." I said.
"OK...... I'd better be on time for my date, see ya." Wizard said.

Ding! Wizard magic effect on Friend 1, Friend 2.
Ding! Wizard magic effect on Me, wizard left.

Change scene to "Pornography, D.U.I. and Bingo" I mean flat screen TV with sports channel!!!