Nov 28, 2007

Crazy marketing thoughts for chinese markets

8 發
6 祿
5 我
4 壽

S8 Sales發
S6 Sales祿
S5 Sell我
S4 Sales壽

RS4 愛西施

I connect the dots like this...... ;)

Nov 20, 2007

A Go Go

I stole the flat tire responsibility by terror from air to ease a superior I once supported. However I got something unexpected as a return, therefore I returned that stolen unnecessary responsibility back to terror from air. Its too much of a penalty to bear them on my own run and chaos are causes by backfire from damages itself.

What's toast

I am just a rookie,
been crusader,
abysmal paladin,
metallic spark zombie,
landed back to human,
by re-guides and revived.

A Noble's gauntlet

Dirt and dents for undertaking good,
An old blue box tightly holding in his arm,
carrying values of dream
road to new stages
a redefined ground.
Arch Noble kneel awaits
with passion remains but life
bits of gore drips in vain.

See the picture?

The Wonders - That thing You Do

Nov 19, 2007

The mobile revolution

From the movie "Matrix", there was an arc mobile phone with active slide cover, the Nokia 8110. Other then making calls, there are more then you can imagine use with this phone.

In the movie, the user slipped hands and the phone is dropped onto the ground while he is making a call. Put aside the fact that he waste his air time and cost him a fortune and time to replace his phone(if he is lucky enough to have handset insurance), this kind of act is recommended to avoid. A better way to handle the phone is to put it in your side pocket.

Due to its arc design nature, an under surface add on function if the condition of a deep pocket is met. This hidden feature works especially good for MAN that Go and Woman All like.

Nov 10, 2007

Eye Glasses Ally

First of all, some meetings were mistaken with the standing ground. The delay is a huge obstacle that should never make happen again. But that fact that it was unable to be explained rationally is why the situation seem to be created deliberately.

First let the standing ground be declared. The delay is at fault based on the fact that it is error regardless of the reason.
Second, because the delay will push following schedule further, its not acceptable.
Third, the delay is phrase shifting in time division module.
Fourth, reworked without reasoning and simply asking for mercy on time.

Here comes the critical thinking, the reason part. Its might be better to rework ahead a way out of this, but I choose to live in a tense called present. Therefore it better be patch worked with extra efforts to promise for highest priority first.

Rework ahead have good traditions to cause become doing something else, which cause from scratch developments. The handicapped base with mercy on time patch before the whole rework could be finished serve as noticeable transformation filling the gap.

The Silicon We Create

Nov 7, 2007

Define Symbol

In this technological world, all keyboard worriers have to comprehend numerous acronyms every single day. Since I might not be the targeted audience of a particular acronyms, I can always interpret a lot of different meanings from it. In reality, three randomly generated alphabets is more then enough to form a offensive phrase for mana fight. Unfortunately, loads of them are in my resume, therefore I am going to slashdot some of them:

PICMG - PCI Industrial Computer Manufacture Group
ATCA - Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture
AMC - Advanced Mezzanine Card
SBC - Single Board Computer

I am trying to avoid the SBT/Sage Pro ERP, Cingular/at&t confuse, I choose to put on the old name of that particular item for that was the name during that time.

Nov 6, 2007


Physics game

And I like this commercial

Nov 1, 2007

Cast away

Everyday I spend at lease eight hours sitting in front of computers. There are some habits which I conclude them as "Cast away" effects with suggest solutions that might have been able to at lease hopefully helpful. They are as follow:

  • Back looking
    Sitting in front of the desk, made user turning back to others.

    Solution: Sit in groups

    1. Siemon's 10G 6A™ F/UTP Cable supporting 10GBase-T

  • Wall facing
    Desktop PC placed by the wall to avoid damage by weather.

    Solution: Transfer to reception

  • Self talking
    The mechanism of keyboard warrior is similar to negotiating with a target, i.e. the display. Another example are AI's praying to blue fairy and Cast Away's talking to a ball effect or may be blogging.

    Solution: Not available since its not a problem, but can benefit by observing things around display. It's what a user need, want and uses.

  • Butt hurting
    Simply sit too long and too much.

    Solution: Drink more water, will force user leave the seat more.

  • Eye drying
    Eyes blink a lot less when mind is concentrating on screen.

    Solution: Have a small naked picture of your enemy displayed on random area on screen to repel your stalled eye movement.

  • Mouse greasing
    Grease from food after meal is fed on to the mouse or touch pad

    Solution: The next add on to mouse after Teflon tape, feel good+nice+clean+dry replaceable (tampons!?) tape.

  • Delusional listening
    Happens when facing a whole rack of 1u, I heard cooling fans moaning like a ghost......

    Solution: Just enjoy it with help from imaginations.

  • Sun's next generation telco infrastructure

    I will hold on everything and focus on job hunting from now on for no income+no money=can't do shit. How come its is so hard for a experienced sales with channels to find a IT hardware sales job that paid mean value salary+commission(DOE)? I don't know, but it took me one hour and thirty minutes to drive from Rosemead to City of Industry, hope that I can overcome these restrictions. Those insurance/finance/housing/auto sales job are irresistibly attractive offerings, but it's been long time that my career developed in sales, telecommunication, computer hardware field, not necessary what I wanted to do but what I can do best in higher exchange for what I most needed(money income). The project, I don't know, been on table lacking the last critical part, that's money, for almost two years so...... IT field always shines, right?