Mar 11, 2009

Vice versa

I enjoy pornography, not morality, and have watched enough in quality and in quantity to not become a phobia or lunatic about sex in display. For woman are the majority working in the porn industry, there are surprises that most viewers overlooked (Author: So am I), which could be an inter-personal relationship's saver, depending on how these surprises are read.

Here comes this male character, he is working on a paper while the female character servicing him, on him. She obtained her satisfaction from him and lay her head in his arm praising for his hardness and try to "finish" him up. Still working on that paper he said "It's good huh? Take a nap, let me finish the paper first." like a robot and have no feelings.

Flip the killer switch, from male to female, it's a holocaust already (Author: Reporting live from hell, I am right here in the front entrance of Satin's fallen angel after-holocaust party. It's so crowed and the temperature here is unbelievably hot. I wonder what's left up in heaven cause from here wow, its a gathering of celebrities, from old timers, half-lifer the usual gangs and bunches of new superstars......)

"Click" before putting down my clicker top pen. Don't let that last bullet occupy the chamber, Quills.