Jun 18, 2009

Some little food for thought crumbs

"I just don't want running around like marathon and die when only a single phone per village available if not telegraphs, puff smoke or shoot flare shells."

"The toilet is always build outside the house. What do you mean master bedroom, you pervert!"

"The sun evolves around the earth."

"Bye Bye Deans......Copperfield, right? It's summer time, that alchemist witch is all yours. Thanks for the gown. She's hot :)"

"You don't like your phone? It's for your emergency grand pa. The ringtone? I can make it softer, how about......recording, yeah like MP3 you know MP3...... No No No, not his laughter, don't......lil brother is annoying......music only just music! What do you mean 128kbps 44100khz lame codec...... What are cell phones? How come your TV is so flat......"

"Picking over invoice detail, no problem, just pay the total amount."

"It's not really my concern, what the hack is proof of delivery and fee on board? Birth certificates?"

"I bring my jot note into the kitchen and get food, charging for money aftermath with that note. What grade you get?"

"Quit complaining you bastard! I can see that she is barely legal. And you have to be over 21 to get alcohol beverages, Miss."
"My bad, I am horrible guessing ages."

Jun 16, 2009

Bit Torrent

Bit torrent is a multiple point to multiple point asymmetric file transfer technology. It's a tool and of course it can be used in different applications, including piracy.

Someone who see this piracy model as an opportunity, built something based on it, make profit and evolved into a business.

So stop assing me about the movie I got from the movie rental machine in my local super market. I do know they update their hundreds and thousands, if not millions, machine's media database with Bit Torrent; for the movie I got, recorded with a consumable blank recordable DVD, right there, right then, inside that movie rental machine. Which also have the potential, to be the supply source for local rental shops, with that shop's own cheap jewel case they purchased with their own high quality cover printed from the source supply machine which must be operated by human being to slide it in that jewel case. With a licensing or business franchise system, for dubbing their own shop rental tape, shielded by piracy.

All connection and communication services are provided by the telecommunication industry. Till the second last human being on earth do us stop.

Jun 1, 2009

I support marriage I understand, therefore I am

I support my marriage; I understand.

Because I sure will remember my honey moon and actions within.
They are my pornography, sitting in its category.
Since I am neither a show businesses nor policy profession.
In my simple mind, the closest description is plagiarized from the adult entertainment's categorization "Softcore/Hardcore/Gay/Lesbian......etc."
Adding that it took two ayes for threesome and three ayes for foursome.
By coordinating that prop with balanced payload.
A couple, both bi-sexual.

...unload the melting pot module? [ (Yes) (No) ]...