Jun 16, 2009

Bit Torrent

Bit torrent is a multiple point to multiple point asymmetric file transfer technology. It's a tool and of course it can be used in different applications, including piracy.

Someone who see this piracy model as an opportunity, built something based on it, make profit and evolved into a business.

So stop assing me about the movie I got from the movie rental machine in my local super market. I do know they update their hundreds and thousands, if not millions, machine's media database with Bit Torrent; for the movie I got, recorded with a consumable blank recordable DVD, right there, right then, inside that movie rental machine. Which also have the potential, to be the supply source for local rental shops, with that shop's own cheap jewel case they purchased with their own high quality cover printed from the source supply machine which must be operated by human being to slide it in that jewel case. With a licensing or business franchise system, for dubbing their own shop rental tape, shielded by piracy.

All connection and communication services are provided by the telecommunication industry. Till the second last human being on earth do us stop.

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