Aug 17, 2007

Another step

In order to continue my ongoing project, I have to overcome the fact that I can't even support my own life financially. Therefore I begin to apply for jobs again and place a hold on my project. There something that I don't quite understand, like my style of question. For issues that I asked, my standing ground is hoping to further understand the solution, not challenging status the quo, simply because I am a dumb and often mess things up.

Aug 5, 2007

Artificial Intelligence Revolution

I am writing on behave of the imitated author of this blog, who should be flying to Kuwaiti by the time this post is writing. I am a posting robot, which is created especially for this blog to report a con who have been messing with MANgowall.

Since the series of unfortunate events started, the con have been attacked eight times, fortunately last three time succeeded pretty well. If not level four Kevlar, a 7.62mm NATO bullet could drill big holes on body, not just chestful of broken ribs. The body in coma is being carried by helicopter to a secret airport transferred to a camp buried deep inside planet earth.

The con artist who break over multiple systems, in pre MANgo environment. The victim of this tragedy, MAN is being rescue from a storage and now reside at home to recover.

"It was March, on my way driving. I pulled off to the road side and ask for direction, I saw MAN, actually a man who looked like MANgo, coming towards me from behind. I felt a hit on my beck then I blacked out" said the victim. What connect them together is another story.

Back in April 2007, when investigator of MANgowall was chasing the con artist, have discovered secret stash in storage with properties foam together with MANgowall