Dec 24, 2008

State Issue Property Tax Bond

On one hand, people's home price went down a lot. On the other hand, state (CA) government money for budget went down a lot.
People's investment(e.g. bonds) earning is taxed as income, who'd like to pay tax with their earnings for real property they keep.(02/01/09: I mean bond earning to pay the property tax before taxed, then value shifted from state to city.)
Real property, homes, are cheaper, therefore state government's income from property tax are lowered.
State issue bonds for property tax, interest could be set to a equilibrium point that home value and deficit match, not time.

(02/01/09: I am not an expert in finance, nor investments, please consult professionals for advices.)

Dec 21, 2008

Infinite probability drive

This following is a show of infinite probability drive by American from United States of America.

Infinite probability drive = X drive
| -infinity < X < +infinity |
X = any real number
X drive = any real number drive
Infinite probability drive = any real number drive

Nov 23, 2008


The following are things that I think about, rather then past issues that being used for another purposes, it is ridiculous in a way that these jokes evolve spiritually to become solutions.

Global warming
The world is warming, ice cape is melting and the summer suit of the overly tanned finally get a chance to put on. In order to keep the difficulty level of ski slopes, just put some solar panel to give the snow a shade to chill out, they generate electricity, keeping pro ski and snow boarding too.

Solar panel
How come these sun glass panel consume slow, generate low and last long. My ideal panel would last a month, using consumable material and generate in high efficiency. Making gas station change to solar charge battery swap station become a possibility. Battery are kept cool in underground, recharge by high generating panel. The gasoline truck then deliver those lighter then battery itself solar panel to those charging station refilling consumed ones. Refinery still cook, not oil, but the returning panel those truck bring back and the consumable material. For the battery we currently have, those truck carry peroxide and sulfuric acid powder.

Jet engine
The combustion chamber of jet engines could be swapped with a mini Tokamak spinning, heat up by microwave power up the plane. If the fusion is able to uphold, then the spin by magnetic force can be powered by the spinning Tokamak core. Fusion uses a gas that is lighter then air, heated up, giving what jet engine's combustion chamber was designed for. A starter in airport starting the fusion reactor then the plane is good to fly, to the moon?

I don't have to know if any of these night illusion I have would work or not, for now they are just my childish thoughts boring enough for a joke.

Nov 3, 2008


Remember to vote. I register to vote from CAGOP.

From my point of view, as a voter, it is my preference over a candidate from a party that have a platform I agree, not rather, but more, to other parties.

Different political party have their own view which may or may not agree with other parties. Unlike a debate, which shows a rationality in contradiction, parties does not discriminate in regard of political affiliations, but collaborating their differences from what they stand for and represents.

Majority rules meaning there is a Majority leading for everyone else, not dominating, with winding outs on its own adventure lacked the shield from Majority, which out numbered by undecided. Vote is freedom of choice electing candidates and only props or measures have cons. In the system of democracy, anyone can choose who they want to support, and agree the elected by results made up of every vote. Get more voters to vote.

Oct 1, 2008


From the high school that I graduated almost a decade ago, Arcadia High School, there are requirements that I must fulfill in order to graduate, they are the swimming and writing proficiency tests. How do golfers pass those test?

For the swimming part, we all know what's going to happen because it took the time allowed for a swing in the water hazard of keeping the ball on tee above surface in order to pass. Hmmm, juicy and tender head cut of prime ribs, medium rare please.

About the writing part, an essay is required to pass not just the first half of the score card because of the legibility of the ultra fine micro hand writing trying to fit numbers in word form with the limited writing spaces available on it. Pros recommended to answer on ruled paper as follow: ......

(Note: Simple score is not in professional scope of concern, at lease not without the experiences together)

Sep 22, 2008

Artistic Golf Play

Beginning from the driving range, I've started my ball swinging here and there for some period of time. Practicing sport is already an enjoyable pleasure that I've longed for ever since school. Somehow it came up to a point that my purpose of golfing have better to be clarified before my foot is on the grass, or acquire clubs and gears.(LIES!!! It's because my pocket is currently empty.)

This is my own game played in my own leisure time, face no enemy or opponents, stand still in this world, with a clear object ahead and achieve it step by step that count in swings, alongside a never set ever growing grass course with huge loose boundaries.

I'm golfing the way I liked it to be, ignoring rationalities, keep swinging until I've had enough joy of it, no reason needed at all. This sport is an art to me because its all in my mind for myself, it's an experience beyond physics.

About competitions, my art is an exercise with baccarat and roller coaster mixture for taste. Let winner gets their fame, my passion replenishes in enjoyment for my own efforts being paid and there is a thing called handicap, I can only win myself that I know of.

Aug 19, 2008

Eye candy, still candy

A male track athlete in suit, that would absolutely catch eye, not to mention if he happen to be getting off his sports car.

For a second if we substitute some elements in that sentence, how robust could the chemical reaction be? Let's see, a female track athlete, in high heels, running.

I'd ease "why" and enjoy ourselves for once a while in life.

High heelers are attractive wear heels. It is love to me.

High Heel-A-Thon - NY Post

Jul 19, 2008

Today is a nice and soft day

"Today I went to golf course trying to hit some leet show off ball to beat those ninjas down. But the agent who keep assing in front of me really pisses me off. That bitch took a few win from me, asshole that don't even dare to go one on one with me took my perfect win gosh! You think I am that easy and won't do shit against it? Then I plant those matrix guys with the secret bomb I special made for them. Now they afraid, ha ha. I take a win and you eat a lose, A LOSE!!!!!!HA HA!!!WA HA HA......"
The above are words in my mind that I should be thinking about when I was in driving range and I really hope that it will satisfied your dark side of prejudice.

I am new to this sport and have no idea about the fashion of people in it, sorry if I played it wrong. The club set is borrowed from a friend(a female, you know) and I haven't played enough to know the difference about clubs. I am just trying to swing the club in a way that give enough travel distance that feel great to hit the ball so that it will fly into the air than land on a target, and I can see different club's have different length of stick with different size and angled hitting surface. Could that be my weird swing, regular outfit or just pick anyone club selection that's provoking? May be I shouldn't just go try and play to see what its like and how its feel before learning some lessons like swing, pose, dynamic, balls, spin, slang, customs. I know it's me cause they all are just in my mind, and I am just there to have the driving range.

Intel's U.L.T......

Oh hey! At lease I learned something, this post is not so sincere like it seem to be, flavorless in beyond.

Jul 15, 2008

Here I go again

Because of spending my own money income from work, I am able to experience a lot of different things or enjoy things that give me experiences. Currently my money are all spend and myself is unemployed since April 07.

In order to gain experiences or things that give experiences, I look for jobs to earn money income by workings what I know how to do. Therefore I will be able to write again when I have own money income from work to spend, by the way its about $2.5k/mo.+comm.

For doors that I don't have a chance to knock yet, please keep finger crossed. I will try to get a job so that my writings can go on and on and on and on......

Days I spent in golf playing are short, but I have been sleeping in class with my head laying on my right shoulder twisting my waist, pretending to take note with a pen holding on my right hand fully stretching my right arm and my lower left arm perpendicular to my upper left arm pretending to turn page nearby my right hand. It's my talent that my nose doesn't snort when I sleep, a natural stealth sleeper for school classes that go...zZz...zZz...zZz...zZz......

Jun 30, 2008


The man is mobbing the floor entrance of a business complex during the rain season. Drips and drips of rain were brought in by umbrellas and heels of the business attires that walk through this stone corridor.

The water bucket kept filling up because of the water heavy mob and the man decided to leave an empty bucket by the door in order to go for the heels.

The man, who collect left over umbrellas in the bucket everyday, ended up in a golf course of his own, putting with his umbrellas, aiming holes by ground hogs under the flag.

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Jun 4, 2008

7 Years etch

About 7 years ago, news from Intel's laboratory announced their world record breaking high frequency produced, 2.1 Tera Hz.

As their appliers, engineers, are working things towards that goal, commercial products are produced as a yield on the side.

And the appreciator, sales, would bring them to those who are interest in exchange for money in order to keep feeding the labs passion of creating crazy things and the engineers' promise of applying it reliably onto things that runs for us.

Hey, I-T Pro: Get This!

I have a feeling that high temperature crystal can shoot light to multiple gate panel and eat lithium to hold size rather then working like transistors, with only a single gate, to get over 6 ghz in room temperature. Put 1 dollar in and 10 dimes or 100 pennies comes out 1 by 1, time differenciate in light level like with the triangle glass or direct current in laser speed. Yep again, I'm just saying it.

May 29, 2008


It's been a hard day's night, I have been working like a dog.
It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a hog.

From an old rock song I heard long time ago, which gives me a question about difference in perception between people.

My question is "What the *beeb* does dog mean?", and please don't tell me that stupid bounty hunter show on television is the so called "dog" supposed to be.

I don't ignore those who accept tv shows and movies as reality simply because I am a sales. Its a basic for sales to befriend with others, and make no enemies. However I don't necessarily become nor adopt its way as my own living philosophy. I do lie, without shame, all the time. With different masks I have put on, am I that perfect, happy and successful? Come on, dancing is the reality, and torn underwear are not for swan lake. Dress not only to impress, could also be respect, simply I am superficial and would like to keep it.

Apr 24, 2008

Walk the World

Scatman's World

Link to Scatman John's wiki page

The planet, at a glance, on your hand.

Mar 4, 2008

Support our troops

Trucks that carry them safe

Grilling that keep them buff

Homemade taste that's refreshing

Rice or ramen on the side?

Jan 28, 2008

Problem solving development

Problem solving with logic in real life human events differs from engineers apply science solutions by at lease two factors, law of unintentional causes and finite element analyst. Unpredictable results is the fun of doing it. Here is an example to make you smile.

1. Need income
2. Aim for a job for income
3. Start a company for a job with income
4. Made a product by a company for a job with income
5. Create an application using a product by a company for a job with income

Why simply need income will become the development of the mess?
Law of unintentional cause may be the answer.(God knows why)

Why this mess keep gaining mass?
Finite element analysts could find the answer.(For they cost money)

Why I blog?
=Law of unintentional cause + Finite element analysts of my 9-5 try.

Steve Ballmer "Sells" Windows 1.0

Jan 7, 2008

Cheese 2 Duo Petty

Its my splendid afternoon to enjoy things I like and being able to ignore. They say the beef is blah blah blah, they say the cheese is blah blah blah and they say the blah is blah, things don't really bother me. As long as it stuffs my stomach, give me the feeling of full and stimulate my taste buds, its perfect for me. My health is what make me last, just like the potato that makes the fries. This $10 in my pocket buy me this afternoon, tea I drink with burger and fries.

Far a long long stage to run.