Nov 3, 2008


Remember to vote. I register to vote from CAGOP.

From my point of view, as a voter, it is my preference over a candidate from a party that have a platform I agree, not rather, but more, to other parties.

Different political party have their own view which may or may not agree with other parties. Unlike a debate, which shows a rationality in contradiction, parties does not discriminate in regard of political affiliations, but collaborating their differences from what they stand for and represents.

Majority rules meaning there is a Majority leading for everyone else, not dominating, with winding outs on its own adventure lacked the shield from Majority, which out numbered by undecided. Vote is freedom of choice electing candidates and only props or measures have cons. In the system of democracy, anyone can choose who they want to support, and agree the elected by results made up of every vote. Get more voters to vote.

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