Oct 1, 2008


From the high school that I graduated almost a decade ago, Arcadia High School, there are requirements that I must fulfill in order to graduate, they are the swimming and writing proficiency tests. How do golfers pass those test?

For the swimming part, we all know what's going to happen because it took the time allowed for a swing in the water hazard of keeping the ball on tee above surface in order to pass. Hmmm, juicy and tender head cut of prime ribs, medium rare please.

About the writing part, an essay is required to pass not just the first half of the score card because of the legibility of the ultra fine micro hand writing trying to fit numbers in word form with the limited writing spaces available on it. Pros recommended to answer on ruled paper as follow: ......

(Note: Simple score is not in professional scope of concern, at lease not without the experiences together)

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