Sep 22, 2008

Artistic Golf Play

Beginning from the driving range, I've started my ball swinging here and there for some period of time. Practicing sport is already an enjoyable pleasure that I've longed for ever since school. Somehow it came up to a point that my purpose of golfing have better to be clarified before my foot is on the grass, or acquire clubs and gears.(LIES!!! It's because my pocket is currently empty.)

This is my own game played in my own leisure time, face no enemy or opponents, stand still in this world, with a clear object ahead and achieve it step by step that count in swings, alongside a never set ever growing grass course with huge loose boundaries.

I'm golfing the way I liked it to be, ignoring rationalities, keep swinging until I've had enough joy of it, no reason needed at all. This sport is an art to me because its all in my mind for myself, it's an experience beyond physics.

About competitions, my art is an exercise with baccarat and roller coaster mixture for taste. Let winner gets their fame, my passion replenishes in enjoyment for my own efforts being paid and there is a thing called handicap, I can only win myself that I know of.

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