Jan 28, 2008

Problem solving development

Problem solving with logic in real life human events differs from engineers apply science solutions by at lease two factors, law of unintentional causes and finite element analyst. Unpredictable results is the fun of doing it. Here is an example to make you smile.

1. Need income
2. Aim for a job for income
3. Start a company for a job with income
4. Made a product by a company for a job with income
5. Create an application using a product by a company for a job with income

Why simply need income will become the development of the mess?
Law of unintentional cause may be the answer.(God knows why)

Why this mess keep gaining mass?
Finite element analysts could find the answer.(For they cost money)

Why I blog?
=Law of unintentional cause + Finite element analysts of my 9-5 try.

Steve Ballmer "Sells" Windows 1.0

Jan 7, 2008

Cheese 2 Duo Petty

Its my splendid afternoon to enjoy things I like and being able to ignore. They say the beef is blah blah blah, they say the cheese is blah blah blah and they say the blah is blah, things don't really bother me. As long as it stuffs my stomach, give me the feeling of full and stimulate my taste buds, its perfect for me. My health is what make me last, just like the potato that makes the fries. This $10 in my pocket buy me this afternoon, tea I drink with burger and fries.

Far a long long stage to run.