Feb 26, 2009

My lack of computer knowledge

Due to the fact that my lack of computer knowledge, or knowledge in real world. I am way behind computer guru, please forgive me.

In my shallow mind, this is what computer to me:

I have a copper wire on hand, bending it into a circle and have one end touching the cathode and the other end to the anode of a 12v battery. Then I open the circuit by cutting the wire, have an end of the wire conducting the light bulb's screw and the other end conducting the bottom.

Here I have a closed circuit in serial connection with a battery and a light bulb give out light and heat. Let input be the power, and process by light bulb, then heat and light are output. In computer terms "A serial bus system powered by a potable power source in full throttling of a light bulb processor with tungsten technology, producing 1-bit of light/full spectrum wireless visual signal without interrupt as output(infra red is within the full spectrum that give out heat from the bulb, which is vacuum)".

Outdated knowledge, that's all I know, and I am cheap without putting in the switch. Toasters have wires in parallel, but too complicate for me and rather have shortenings on the bread. Sorry I pretend that I am a guru to be closer with the modern world of technology, like the hybrid silicon laser I see on the news.

For what? I don't know what's like shrinking from a room full of mirror into etching a silicon fiber optic circuitry recharge pad causing photons arrive at different time, and/or different place that could refill the hat? Seriously I don't know nothing about these things.

But let's see "hybrid" that's hot right now everywhere, "silicon" the mirror for snort, "laser" rave party time. I use laser to cut in the club, see this is my kind of cool marketing.

Feb 24, 2009

Please leave a message after the beep

"Please be quiet, Arcadia"
"WD-40, SAPeacock"
"B2-Spirit, USAF"

"Medic, Rosemead"
"Taxiway, Chek Lap Kok Airport"
"Sales of Mechanical Engineering, Army"

"Football/Soccer frame, Alhambra"
"Certified public accountable club, Almanda Terrace"
"Frame work, DOS"

"Drugs, Walnut"
"Shorty in badminton club, Pinky"
"GSA, Federal"

"The Clear Present Danger, Los Angeles"
"Dog Clicker and Whistle, Cayote"
"Griffith Park, NASA"

"I want money income on payroll after tax in my account every month by working at clerical and inter personal business commute duties that I am able to Talking Caring Pleasing / I Praise."

Feb 21, 2009

2 decades ago

It was twenty something years ago when the first gulf war started and ended in a storm. Kuwait was intruded by Iraqi force and was ambushed by western forces. Since then I have only read news about all sorts of international accusations and punishments towards Iraq. After a decade, the second gulf war started. This time it is the US force enters Iraq. Here I have the following story from my imagination:

There was a painter who sell painting for a decent living. The painter's neighbor, make own living, break in to the painter's home. This relatively larger in size neighbor is forced return home under custody, empty handed without any painting. Through out the searches and interrogations, no reason is found for this neighbor's strange action of burning own paintings while suppose to have starved to the bone. The painter, is at home peacefully with neighbor having BBQ in backyard and some new air soft gear. Paint ball gear will be on sale for the neighbor's new paint ball painting.

IMHO(In My Humble Opinion) I thought the neighbor initially expect their unfair actions be penalized by unfair trade like neighbor's own painting for painters BBQ lamb chops, because warriors value their Arabian horse more then the lamb broiling on their sword.

Raman for tuna? More then that. A whole gulf they can farm seafood with.

Feb 18, 2009

Steroid Olympic

Imagine a competition that no one call foul and in a true sense of fairness. Well I think we already have it, let's just call it Steroid Olympic, I seems to have forgotten the name of it.

In this game, fair is achieved by letting everyone cheat as they can.
A device to train any specific muscle for strength? Great!
A program to provide the perfect mix of nutrition the body needs? Super!
A drug to improve the performance? Take it all you can!

Hey its not like the game will change in any way. A champion can still be distinguish and everyone must agree, its all in a sense of fairness because no one can beat him down even with cheats. Another good thing is, the champion title stays like prom king and queen of that year class, is on forever royalties.

Errrrr........OK, in reality the king will merry his wife and the queen will merry her husband, separately, with different people. (Should there be more adjective like beauty or?......its fine.)

I know who can approve this joke, Republicans.

Feb 17, 2009

What's in my mind

I was in some kind of trouble that I've never been into. I've asked for my ex-employers for help, however they are unable to help because they are business. It's totally insane to connect them with those trouble simply because they have no point in doing them.

I resigned because I was unable to work out with my team, therefore I would like to try it out in another places. It had tried to save me by offering another position for me, it's my own decision to leave and let go of the offered position.

Simply because of my trouble, I had taken a position against my previous employers since they are not involved. I am not trying to be a hero of any kind, it just that I should not let my trouble be spread to those innocent around myself. I have no idea of what really happened, and have no concern about the real truth. I was crying for help because when I am being terrified, I become crazy and might kill to eliminate the cause of terror and the terror regardless for it is alienated from my fair driving system.

Feb 11, 2009


In my old job, I tried to inquire the proper contact handle or procedure for office equipment purchase procurement.

It's a banking business that have their own rules to comply with. I know only two persons who work in that bank, a relative of mine and a ex-coworker. I should ask my relative for the information, however he had passed away and I did not attend his bank paid business function related funeral. Therefore the inquiry is redirected to my ex-coworker who happen to be in vacation.

Its just that I was unable to hold my job probation period long enough to see result. The inquiry is already at the bottom line of proper by conversation opening means if not she was my ex-coworker and understand I mean no harm for fastest reply possible. Anyways I thought banks expects their office machine to last working before it is zero valued by book.

Perfect coincidence, perfect irony, perfect scene.

Feb 10, 2009

I am a pervert

The following are pervert sexual fantasies by meaning which causes huge discrepancy from pictures in my mind, I enjoy them and have seen them display in public without problem.

Cross Dressing

Only when someone put on outfits of one's opposite sex that does not look good enough, then it is called cross dressing by means. There are good looking cross dressers I like and they are called different, let's see:

A girl in boy's pajama, that's cute.
A sexy lady in man's shirt, that's OMG.
A school girl in man size sweater, that's forget it.

Serial Behaving

In serial behaving, a victim is being pick on based on some characteristics. They are then being approached by that serial whatever to achieve or serve the serial's purpose. Killing is illegal and of course its prohibited, how about these:

Someone choose victim because of his/her attractive characteristics therefore walk up and ask him/her for name/date/favor, in order to know others, that's socializing.

Someone choose victim because of his/her actions impossible to be comfortable with kind of characteristics therefore stop him/her, in order to issue a written notice, that's traffic ticketing.(Serial couldn't catch all fish OK?)

Someone choose victim because of his/her too important characteristics therefore restrain him/her, in order to have him/her, that's proposing.

Bondage and Device

Holding a human in place, we can called it bondage. Device being used to bond human up are bondage devices. They are common and welcomed everywhere, those decent one:

A man put a chain around a woman's neck and then put a lock to hold it in place. That's ok even in restaurant if: Precious metal chain in fine shape with magic stone power lock.

A pursuant is arrested and cuffed, drag in front of a judge(that don't really judge) sentenced, re-cuffed by the pursuer, then to dungeon cell. That's not crime, happens in church: Of course its stoned precious metal not hand but finger cuff, two sets is required by procedure for middle and ring finger.

By the way, the mobile jail that drive them to dungeon, a