Feb 26, 2009

My lack of computer knowledge

Due to the fact that my lack of computer knowledge, or knowledge in real world. I am way behind computer guru, please forgive me.

In my shallow mind, this is what computer to me:

I have a copper wire on hand, bending it into a circle and have one end touching the cathode and the other end to the anode of a 12v battery. Then I open the circuit by cutting the wire, have an end of the wire conducting the light bulb's screw and the other end conducting the bottom.

Here I have a closed circuit in serial connection with a battery and a light bulb give out light and heat. Let input be the power, and process by light bulb, then heat and light are output. In computer terms "A serial bus system powered by a potable power source in full throttling of a light bulb processor with tungsten technology, producing 1-bit of light/full spectrum wireless visual signal without interrupt as output(infra red is within the full spectrum that give out heat from the bulb, which is vacuum)".

Outdated knowledge, that's all I know, and I am cheap without putting in the switch. Toasters have wires in parallel, but too complicate for me and rather have shortenings on the bread. Sorry I pretend that I am a guru to be closer with the modern world of technology, like the hybrid silicon laser I see on the news.

For what? I don't know what's like shrinking from a room full of mirror into etching a silicon fiber optic circuitry recharge pad causing photons arrive at different time, and/or different place that could refill the hat? Seriously I don't know nothing about these things.

But let's see "hybrid" that's hot right now everywhere, "silicon" the mirror for snort, "laser" rave party time. I use laser to cut in the club, see this is my kind of cool marketing.

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