Feb 17, 2009

What's in my mind

I was in some kind of trouble that I've never been into. I've asked for my ex-employers for help, however they are unable to help because they are business. It's totally insane to connect them with those trouble simply because they have no point in doing them.

I resigned because I was unable to work out with my team, therefore I would like to try it out in another places. It had tried to save me by offering another position for me, it's my own decision to leave and let go of the offered position.

Simply because of my trouble, I had taken a position against my previous employers since they are not involved. I am not trying to be a hero of any kind, it just that I should not let my trouble be spread to those innocent around myself. I have no idea of what really happened, and have no concern about the real truth. I was crying for help because when I am being terrified, I become crazy and might kill to eliminate the cause of terror and the terror regardless for it is alienated from my fair driving system.

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