Feb 10, 2009

I am a pervert

The following are pervert sexual fantasies by meaning which causes huge discrepancy from pictures in my mind, I enjoy them and have seen them display in public without problem.

Cross Dressing

Only when someone put on outfits of one's opposite sex that does not look good enough, then it is called cross dressing by means. There are good looking cross dressers I like and they are called different, let's see:

A girl in boy's pajama, that's cute.
A sexy lady in man's shirt, that's OMG.
A school girl in man size sweater, that's forget it.

Serial Behaving

In serial behaving, a victim is being pick on based on some characteristics. They are then being approached by that serial whatever to achieve or serve the serial's purpose. Killing is illegal and of course its prohibited, how about these:

Someone choose victim because of his/her attractive characteristics therefore walk up and ask him/her for name/date/favor, in order to know others, that's socializing.

Someone choose victim because of his/her actions impossible to be comfortable with kind of characteristics therefore stop him/her, in order to issue a written notice, that's traffic ticketing.(Serial couldn't catch all fish OK?)

Someone choose victim because of his/her too important characteristics therefore restrain him/her, in order to have him/her, that's proposing.

Bondage and Device

Holding a human in place, we can called it bondage. Device being used to bond human up are bondage devices. They are common and welcomed everywhere, those decent one:

A man put a chain around a woman's neck and then put a lock to hold it in place. That's ok even in restaurant if: Precious metal chain in fine shape with magic stone power lock.

A pursuant is arrested and cuffed, drag in front of a judge(that don't really judge) sentenced, re-cuffed by the pursuer, then to dungeon cell. That's not crime, happens in church: Of course its stoned precious metal not hand but finger cuff, two sets is required by procedure for middle and ring finger.

By the way, the mobile jail that drive them to dungeon, a

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