Feb 21, 2009

2 decades ago

It was twenty something years ago when the first gulf war started and ended in a storm. Kuwait was intruded by Iraqi force and was ambushed by western forces. Since then I have only read news about all sorts of international accusations and punishments towards Iraq. After a decade, the second gulf war started. This time it is the US force enters Iraq. Here I have the following story from my imagination:

There was a painter who sell painting for a decent living. The painter's neighbor, make own living, break in to the painter's home. This relatively larger in size neighbor is forced return home under custody, empty handed without any painting. Through out the searches and interrogations, no reason is found for this neighbor's strange action of burning own paintings while suppose to have starved to the bone. The painter, is at home peacefully with neighbor having BBQ in backyard and some new air soft gear. Paint ball gear will be on sale for the neighbor's new paint ball painting.

IMHO(In My Humble Opinion) I thought the neighbor initially expect their unfair actions be penalized by unfair trade like neighbor's own painting for painters BBQ lamb chops, because warriors value their Arabian horse more then the lamb broiling on their sword.

Raman for tuna? More then that. A whole gulf they can farm seafood with.

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