Feb 18, 2009

Steroid Olympic

Imagine a competition that no one call foul and in a true sense of fairness. Well I think we already have it, let's just call it Steroid Olympic, I seems to have forgotten the name of it.

In this game, fair is achieved by letting everyone cheat as they can.
A device to train any specific muscle for strength? Great!
A program to provide the perfect mix of nutrition the body needs? Super!
A drug to improve the performance? Take it all you can!

Hey its not like the game will change in any way. A champion can still be distinguish and everyone must agree, its all in a sense of fairness because no one can beat him down even with cheats. Another good thing is, the champion title stays like prom king and queen of that year class, is on forever royalties.

Errrrr........OK, in reality the king will merry his wife and the queen will merry her husband, separately, with different people. (Should there be more adjective like beauty or?......its fine.)

I know who can approve this joke, Republicans.

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