Jul 15, 2008

Here I go again

Because of spending my own money income from work, I am able to experience a lot of different things or enjoy things that give me experiences. Currently my money are all spend and myself is unemployed since April 07.

In order to gain experiences or things that give experiences, I look for jobs to earn money income by workings what I know how to do. Therefore I will be able to write again when I have own money income from work to spend, by the way its about $2.5k/mo.+comm.

For doors that I don't have a chance to knock yet, please keep finger crossed. I will try to get a job so that my writings can go on and on and on and on......

Days I spent in golf playing are short, but I have been sleeping in class with my head laying on my right shoulder twisting my waist, pretending to take note with a pen holding on my right hand fully stretching my right arm and my lower left arm perpendicular to my upper left arm pretending to turn page nearby my right hand. It's my talent that my nose doesn't snort when I sleep, a natural stealth sleeper for school classes that go...zZz...zZz...zZz...zZz......

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