Jul 19, 2008

Today is a nice and soft day

"Today I went to golf course trying to hit some leet show off ball to beat those ninjas down. But the agent who keep assing in front of me really pisses me off. That bitch took a few win from me, asshole that don't even dare to go one on one with me took my perfect win gosh! You think I am that easy and won't do shit against it? Then I plant those matrix guys with the secret bomb I special made for them. Now they afraid, ha ha. I take a win and you eat a lose, A LOSE!!!!!!HA HA!!!WA HA HA......"
The above are words in my mind that I should be thinking about when I was in driving range and I really hope that it will satisfied your dark side of prejudice.

I am new to this sport and have no idea about the fashion of people in it, sorry if I played it wrong. The club set is borrowed from a friend(a female, you know) and I haven't played enough to know the difference about clubs. I am just trying to swing the club in a way that give enough travel distance that feel great to hit the ball so that it will fly into the air than land on a target, and I can see different club's have different length of stick with different size and angled hitting surface. Could that be my weird swing, regular outfit or just pick anyone club selection that's provoking? May be I shouldn't just go try and play to see what its like and how its feel before learning some lessons like swing, pose, dynamic, balls, spin, slang, customs. I know it's me cause they all are just in my mind, and I am just there to have fun......in the driving range.

Intel's U.L.T......

Oh hey! At lease I learned something, this post is not so sincere like it seem to be, flavorless in beyond.