Jun 4, 2008

7 Years etch

About 7 years ago, news from Intel's laboratory announced their world record breaking high frequency produced, 2.1 Tera Hz.

As their appliers, engineers, are working things towards that goal, commercial products are produced as a yield on the side.

And the appreciator, sales, would bring them to those who are interest in exchange for money in order to keep feeding the labs passion of creating crazy things and the engineers' promise of applying it reliably onto things that runs for us.

Hey, I-T Pro: Get This!

I have a feeling that high temperature crystal can shoot light to multiple gate panel and eat lithium to hold size rather then working like transistors, with only a single gate, to get over 6 ghz in room temperature. Put 1 dollar in and 10 dimes or 100 pennies comes out 1 by 1, time differenciate in light level like with the triangle glass or direct current in laser speed. Yep again, I'm just saying it.

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