Nov 10, 2007

Eye Glasses Ally

First of all, some meetings were mistaken with the standing ground. The delay is a huge obstacle that should never make happen again. But that fact that it was unable to be explained rationally is why the situation seem to be created deliberately.

First let the standing ground be declared. The delay is at fault based on the fact that it is error regardless of the reason.
Second, because the delay will push following schedule further, its not acceptable.
Third, the delay is phrase shifting in time division module.
Fourth, reworked without reasoning and simply asking for mercy on time.

Here comes the critical thinking, the reason part. Its might be better to rework ahead a way out of this, but I choose to live in a tense called present. Therefore it better be patch worked with extra efforts to promise for highest priority first.

Rework ahead have good traditions to cause become doing something else, which cause from scratch developments. The handicapped base with mercy on time patch before the whole rework could be finished serve as noticeable transformation filling the gap.

The Silicon We Create

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