Nov 20, 2007

A Go Go

I stole the flat tire responsibility by terror from air to ease a superior I once supported. However I got something unexpected as a return, therefore I returned that stolen unnecessary responsibility back to terror from air. Its too much of a penalty to bear them on my own run and chaos are causes by backfire from damages itself.

What's toast

I am just a rookie,
been crusader,
abysmal paladin,
metallic spark zombie,
landed back to human,
by re-guides and revived.

A Noble's gauntlet

Dirt and dents for undertaking good,
An old blue box tightly holding in his arm,
carrying values of dream
road to new stages
a redefined ground.
Arch Noble kneel awaits
with passion remains but life
bits of gore drips in vain.

See the picture?

The Wonders - That thing You Do

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