Nov 1, 2007

Cast away

Everyday I spend at lease eight hours sitting in front of computers. There are some habits which I conclude them as "Cast away" effects with suggest solutions that might have been able to at lease hopefully helpful. They are as follow:

  • Back looking
    Sitting in front of the desk, made user turning back to others.

    Solution: Sit in groups

    1. Siemon's 10G 6A™ F/UTP Cable supporting 10GBase-T

  • Wall facing
    Desktop PC placed by the wall to avoid damage by weather.

    Solution: Transfer to reception

  • Self talking
    The mechanism of keyboard warrior is similar to negotiating with a target, i.e. the display. Another example are AI's praying to blue fairy and Cast Away's talking to a ball effect or may be blogging.

    Solution: Not available since its not a problem, but can benefit by observing things around display. It's what a user need, want and uses.

  • Butt hurting
    Simply sit too long and too much.

    Solution: Drink more water, will force user leave the seat more.

  • Eye drying
    Eyes blink a lot less when mind is concentrating on screen.

    Solution: Have a small naked picture of your enemy displayed on random area on screen to repel your stalled eye movement.

  • Mouse greasing
    Grease from food after meal is fed on to the mouse or touch pad

    Solution: The next add on to mouse after Teflon tape, feel good+nice+clean+dry replaceable (tampons!?) tape.

  • Delusional listening
    Happens when facing a whole rack of 1u, I heard cooling fans moaning like a ghost......

    Solution: Just enjoy it with help from imaginations.

  • Sun's next generation telco infrastructure

    I will hold on everything and focus on job hunting from now on for no income+no money=can't do shit. How come its is so hard for a experienced sales with channels to find a IT hardware sales job that paid mean value salary+commission(DOE)? I don't know, but it took me one hour and thirty minutes to drive from Rosemead to City of Industry, hope that I can overcome these restrictions. Those insurance/finance/housing/auto sales job are irresistibly attractive offerings, but it's been long time that my career developed in sales, telecommunication, computer hardware field, not necessary what I wanted to do but what I can do best in higher exchange for what I most needed(money income). The project, I don't know, been on table lacking the last critical part, that's money, for almost two years so...... IT field always shines, right?

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