Apr 25, 2009

My over thoughts

This is what I had in mind back in 2007, my childish thoughts.

As an entry level sales in payroll with probation that made me an assistant, there are some accidents that causes myself to be unable to workout with my team. I left the company voluntarily in a friendly way, re-affirmed myself for a week and decide to try else where with better preparations.

Something happened in a totally unexpected way that surprised myself. I decided to took the stance of being the cry baby irrationally. All it took to make it a win win situation was a recognition of myself being the newbie, and became an experienced businessman whose generous in offering a merciful business chance. Simply this would work "You know, he is new to the industry. Let him baby cry then he will learn." with the power of title.

As I have apologized before claiming that I had not been an employee for quite a while, I would like to took that as a lesson, re-adjust my vision in working, and be the best fit in later chance.

I once thought it was the problem of synergy, now I'd blame the lack of a specific work module in business communications, for an accidental mismatch of dance.

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