Apr 25, 2009

Re dis cover my own self

With almost 30 years of living experience on this planet, the definition of myself kept losing bits by bits, for yieldings of my own or others. This blog have become one of my dependencies, that helped this voyage of my mind about myself.

Simply write down whatever I would like to be written, just about anything without regards, is the purpose of this blog. This collection of output from my brain through my finger over the keyboard onto the Internet into a hard drive at a server is my living log book.

By proof reading this book myself, I get to study about this so called "me".

Do I like my own words?
Am I comfortable with it?
How do I feel about it?
Where in my words differs from my actions?
Can I handle my own lies?

The best thing is that all those questions can all be answered by the proof reader I know best, me, and rediscover myself.

Just like the recreation I love playing everyday, which never is a test, it is my ball gaming playground with swing savings account.

Yes! found it. My own damn self.

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