May 22, 2009

My upcoming proposal

I am getting bored without anything I can afford to do, and because of an opaque reason, I have this proposal forming in mind.

The budget needed for this proposal range from $300 000 to $3 000 000 for 5 years of running time based on subjective measuring calculation. Just send me checks, I will start setting things up when the amount reached the minimum required amount. Checks will start bounce back to sender once it goes over the maximum amount, and checks that got in will receive a share of the company set up for this proposal.

Return on Investment is "Let's see what will I try to do to burn all the money up when I can only work in this company for $3000 a month."

I am pretty much sure that it won't be tossing penny into the sea for fun. Because I know I will try anything I can to get as much extra tossing as possible with the same amount of penny in order to avoid being jailed in the office for the rest of the 5 year without penny for toss. I am bored!!!

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