Sep 1, 2009

Title: None that I can think of

Father + Mother = Baby

Half Father brain + Half Mother brain = Baby brain

[LOAD] Module\Parent.s

[ECHO] "Parents are half brainless is now loaded"

[RUN_] script\Let your enemy raise your kid.s

[ECHO] "Accepted Brainless woman's enemy...Accessing..."

[LOAD] memory range Key matrix "1,2,3" "2,3,1" "3,1,2"

[MAKE] Life\MIL.k

[ECHO] "Accepted Brainless man's enemy...Accessing..."

[RUN_] script\In pignic god we trust.s

[MAKE] Life\FIL.f

[SET_] *.f log generation

[ECHO] "Real Life Baller Time"

......what of the high am I hacking

"Safely they sit in my word hunter's store, and when I feel hungry I word hunt for more."

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