Jul 2, 2009

What am I?

I am a work type of person with a kind of greediness that benefits others.

What I mean work are sales that supplies customer's demand, satisfy their need, addressing what they want, etc etc, you know, sales stuff.

About the greediness, simply "I don't mind causing million dollars of earning, not losses, for the company I worked at, because of the ten thousand dollars I make for my own." Not to mention the sales tax generated on the side.

By the way, it was services with physical products I sold, therefore sales tax had applied. Not only my base salary were taxed, commissions, tips and bonus are higher rate taxable items and have also been taxed.

This is the kind of greediness that selfishly drives myself to work hard, for my own money of course.

Selfish to the extend that forgets jealous when compare, my weird kind of equality. "Look nice! I'd get mine on my own."

Competition? That's for show and for fun, for myself to enjoy.

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