Oct 17, 2007

Skeptic, Believe and Trust

I am what I consider a skeptical believer with trust. This might sound naive but the way it make sense to me worth my time to think it through, write it down, type it in and post it out.

I am skeptical only to myself for better interact and understand with other. Some kind of flaws in my mind made my understanding of things as a whole. For I do listen to others and read instructions, I learn a process, a simulation will ran and dips and bums will appear. This is where my skeptical to my own, annoyance questions or comments roots, for quality issuance purposes.

Believe is a choice, depend on the majority of it, it could even be lies and excuses. What it serve is the purpose of what that believe is for. My birth is only a by product of male and female's r-rated activities, there isn't a purpose that I must bear, only functions and need, base on fulfilling needs to develop functions. Like I eat to body build or learn, lying to achieve for good, believe to stand contradictions.

Trust is more simple, its an index of domination or power. How dominant is a power that could trust lies and make good use of it? Superior, called knowledge.

After all what I mean is that I ask dumb questions, accept what's acceptable and follow majority. I am a regular person, enjoy things like other billions on planet earth, distinguish only by how its presented.

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