Oct 23, 2007

Business Development, Sales and Marketing

I am surprised to learned that most of my readers read from server. However I am not an employee of the hosting company, or any of its related business partners.

Well anyways I have no intentions to become famous, but my career as a sales person selling reliable year term contractual services with free hardware plus a servicing attitude towards clients and a rational orientated reasoning over hardship of service provided is what my name was based on.

Once I had a customer(retail strength real time face to face) complaining about the frequent drop calls while activating 3 new lines and renewing his own(he was in for the new line and complain his own, which I talked into renew). A call that he is unwilling to receive came in and he declined it at the second ring right after he agreed to my excuse, like what he had just did. He smiled and I grabbed the heart of this customer.

With this example, may I ask for a fund raise event from serverplex? $500 usd the most without minimum per person, each group raised $1000 can pick a post to own(or writing a new one dedicated for that group) and depend on how much in total, a part of future www.mangowall.com to be picked up. No conflict of interest until all prizes are awarded. Sounds fun? Grab your friend to nearby ATM, Go! Go! Go! :)
(even the last loner coder can have at least a human for emergency, money wise. And my writings can be paid.)

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