Oct 12, 2007

No pay no gain

I tried hard to earn money so that I can pay others for services. However money is not a quantitative available option yet. The pending ahead are hard to solve, cash flow is tight, payments rescheduled, thank god for the quenching relieve, I need to be able to generate a steady flow to settle things, free means freedom not free of charge. I don't go against what other believes, I trust money, in any accepting forms. My debt are bad because of an empty rebuilding period. I think Southern California have a lot of headroom for developments in business as new cultural ingredients kept on feeding this cultural enriched state and those already in place adopt new differences and have developed an alternative cultural style only in California.

This my pleasing announcement: My earnings cover expense then I have some mix up with my balance in bank. My dept needs to be paid along with whatever I need to pay, by working.

My debate with Mr. Invisible is marketing for potential investments of Mangowall. I don't think believe and trust are same but the god in "IN GOD WE TRUST" is. I treat you and you treat me, Tit for tat, life simple as that.

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