Sep 23, 2007

Why am I about money

There were some misunderstand I made in my old blog about money and my projects that needs to be clarified.

  1. I want money and willing to earn it by working. Take credit card for example, itself is a piece of plastic that I don't know what to do with it. However it is a medium of money, that's why I wanted it, for the money, same also applies to other acceptable form, like cash, check etc., of money.

  2. My profession is sales and I do am serious about getting a job and getting paid for my work. My project is a research of a product and its market potentials that I did in my own Private time by myself. I tried to raise fund to start it up because I think it sells and my effort of doing the research can be paid off by generating sales revenue to grow big the project fund.

  3. Once upon an interview, I said that I don't concern very much about my salary,(this is the missing part)because I expect commission(5%-10% from my sales) to be more then the salary. Lets say 5% of 1/day is already $944 and salary is $969.23 and I was able to finish 8-10 sales with too much customer services everyday in my old job, well I shouldn't assume much.
  4. I am not and have never been a social phobia. I was researching on my project during the recession period of my social life. (recession period: Time out days, most social center/key person's must have once in a while)

  5. Other then a 100k investment approach during my management probation time, within a week from last day of my old job in 2002, there was another offer I didn't take from another company to start a new location I chose under my management.

  6. From some magazine about business said "Your career need re-consideration if nobody approach within a week from last day of a job". I agree and therefore sales is my profession, things I am good at doing, and money is the dynamic of my profession.

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