Sep 21, 2007

Colorful world

Green, Gold, Platinum, Black, Plum, colorful yet powerful medium of money. What's next color? My choice will be orange. I am talking about card colors of American Express card, by pure personal preference over color selections.

Could it be lakers the basketball team or the book about Mr. Fredrick affect my taste? I really do like the color purple, of Hollywood's, and it matches perfectly with the color orange, especially Memphis's.

In order to ease any weird feeling that might come up while reading, you are free to imagine that the author of this passage is a hot babe, like my CD(Common Decency, Cognitive Dissonance) ^@^ However there is something I got say is that the guy in the photo of the author, don't be surprised that the guy is actually a guy, which is like the author is the author and I am being myself. I really don't know that my identifications describing myself accurately would be a problem of too good to be true, isn't that the purpose of identifications supposed to be.

By the way, I found out that there are more then 1 page impressions on this blog, I assume that my writings are my words spoken towards random audiences that could be anyone around the world and I have no idea who they are.

(This part dedicate to my friends, you need this, good luck. - Try staring at a clock's second hand for a minute without counting, try practice if you are unable to.)

The Plum Card(SM)from American Express OPEN -

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