Sep 17, 2007

How to predict future

It's time to burst the surface and review the real inner truth. There are few things that I have done in blogging with real life Distributed Denial of Service attack as an acknowledgment towards my writing.

  1. I steal company's secret future plan.

  2. I imitate a successful outgoing person for his social network.

  3. I approach someone to mean something

I totally agree that all the above possibilities are important factors to judge myself. However I have to apologies for forcing such hardship on posing such mere fault, if I do know that I have to be flamed, I should do something bad to save time. For I am a rational person, I have the following responds designated for the above questions.

  1. Future plans that I have for future, are actually from future. It happens that the drawer on my desk is a time traveling tunnel. All I have done is go to the future and check, that how my conclusions are from.
  2. It happens that the identical twins that never born, looks perfectly same to me, have same color eye, blood type, immune shots and skin graphs, have our brain swapped, lol.
  3. I did try hard to prevent my parents from work so that I must be a pan handler when I was still a sperm but I failed. About my relatives, since they are older and obviously stronger then I do, my try, as a kid, to prevent them to work, is up to them, none of my business. It is my laziness that kept me from preventing my friends to know people I don't suppose to know, its just too much of them and I don't have money to mail all of them in a regular basis because of the paid return mail, also up to them, none of my business.

It's not my force that can force mighty things, but a sight to see an alternative uphill path. Since I am on ground level, it's only possible for myself to stay level or go up.

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