Dec 13, 2007

No string attached

"A ex cingular with a level 4 pay, the pay setting reference said that commission that could be up to level 3 is part of income. Little confused that commission has hold time with a higher tax rate then base and deposited separately after full tax withheld, and the 1099 from Motorola Internal Sales Sweepstakes.

For a salary only job, should it be level 3 or 4 or 3+4=7? The answer is 4-3=1 because consultant dedicate like a fellow not going point to multi point i.e. consult service can have multiple clients.

Conclude that sales with a 1234567 variation is middle."

The above stress release crying done yelling to air enable mind to think again, please excuse me. Thanks Dept Office Ladies, great improvements in legibility (04to05and06). Yay for the accounting and economic class time I slept through isn't totally wasted. ATT and UU trained pro.

Seabiscuit vs War Admiral - 1938 Match Race - Santa Anita Park

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